Google Nexus 6P prices in Canada – Starts at $699

If you wonder how the sinking Canadian dollar is affecting technology product prices, look no further than the new Google Nexus 6P. You will pay an extra $200 from the prices you see listed in the US market. If you want the newest “phablet” with the Nexus branding, here is the price breakdown for the Canadian market:

  • $699 – 32GB
  • $749 – 64GB
  • $849 – 128GB

This would be a tough decision to make. You’re looking at pretty darn high price points, even though this is a pure Android experience and is unlocked. The recent iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are not astronomically higher priced than the Nexus 6P. We will be providing in-depth coverage of the new Nexus phones so please check back with us!

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