Galaxy Note 7 is going to become unusable in Canada so upgrade when possible

Holding on to a Galaxy Note 7 isn’t a smart move, but there are some users still in possession of the explosive smartphone. Possibly to prevent another lawsuit on its hands caused due to the miniature explosion by the batteries, Samsung is aiming to make its Galaxy Note 7 unusable, so if you are living in Canada, you should plan out which device you’ll be purchasing next, because when Samsung states it will make the phone practically useless, the company is not joking around.

On Samsung’s official website, the company has provided the following information for all Galaxy Note 7 users in Canada:

“As part of our commitment to ongoing safety, Samsung Canada would like to make our customers aware of our plans to deactivate service for remaining Note7 devices in the Canadian market. We are pleased with the return and exchange rate of Note7 devices from Canadian consumers, securing close to 90% of the Note7 devices that were brought into the Canadian market.”

In short, while your device will continue to function, it will not be able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and it will definitely not give you any cellular reception. In order to block out users completely, Samsung also plans to prevent Bluetooth connectivity for the Note 7 with other devices. Without being able to browse the internet or make a phone call, Canadian users will practically be walking around with an expensive paperweight in their hands.

Samsung has said that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are going to be the first to get severed and the operation is going to take place starting December 12. From December 15, cellular receptions will start to cut off, leaving you with a useless 5.7-inch Note 7 in the palm of your hands. While Samsung might want to avoid future accidents as much as possible, it has yet to compensate customers completely for their expensive purchase. Hopefully, when the Galaxy S8 is announced, these customers will receive some form of concession.


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