$200 price drop on iPhone 8 Plus at Freedom Mobile

Talk about a delayed reaction. In typical fashion, after the Apple iPhone (11) launch event the prices dropped on the older iPhone models. In particular, the iPhone 8 Plus saw a steep price drop of $200 CAD. The Apple store applied the new price immediately after the event on September 10, but retailers like Freedom Mobile were slightly more reluctant to offer the cheaper price. The good news is that the wait is now officially over for Freedom Mobile customers.

Freedom Mobile is now selling the iPhone 8 Plus at an MSRP of $749, but had kept that $949 price for 10 days after the iPhone event. I inquired a couple different times with Freedom Mobile about their price being $200 more than Apple’s and whether they would price match and or simply drop their price. Here is where things got haywire. It was clear to me that Freedom Mobile is not streamlined when it comes to their phone offerings and sales.

If you have your own unlocked phone and don’t run a My Tab of any sort, the iPhone 8 Plus might be a very sensible option. You can put a minimum payment down and spread the payment over the next 24-months. There is also no need to keep paying for 24-months if you choose to just pay off the entire My Tab at some point during those 24-months.

There is no need to feel inferior in buying a somewhat dated iPhone 8 Plus. You are looking at less iOS updates, but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker. No notch here folks! It has a natural 16:9 aspect ratio so video plays as it’s intended unlike what you get on the iPhone XR or iPhone 11. No headphone jack but a $10 dongle can remedy that shortcoming. Oh, let’s not forget you also get a 1080p display which is something the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 do not have!

Freedom Mobile has come a long way since the early days when they were Wind Mobile and couldn’t even dream of selling iPhone’s to customers. It’s great to have the option as a Freedom Mobile customer to get great phones now. It’s just too bad that Freedom Mobile is slow to react on the annual Apple price drops. Hopefully next year they can get it right and do better than 10-days later.

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