Are you happy with the compensation from Telus for webmail outage?

Your results may vary. We haven’t come across a lot of discussion about the Telus compensation offered to customers. Shall we?

Without getting into personal specifics, it’s a safe bet that there was some cash offered and Telus Reward points involved.

My first reaction to what I got? I laughed out loud. Not quite what I was hoping for. Ah, but I didn’t look closely enough at the Telus Reward points!

If you’re with Telus, just active the Telus Reward system. It’s a new initiative and you get points for doing basically nothing other than activating it.

With the amount of Telus Reward points being offered, you could turn that into an even bigger cash discount. You can apply points towards $10 off your bill. Only once per year you can do this, but it’s a sure way to use your points. Saves you cash.

You can also use the Telus Reward points to enter draws for events, hardware like smartphones, and other somewhat interesting draws. You can enter draws more than once which may or may not be a bad thing.

If you were like me and laughed out loud when seeing the cash compensation, hopefully you will delve into the reward points and see that as a pretty decent extension beyond just the cash.

In closing, if Telus wanted to give me a 24-hour disconnect from webmail so long as I get this type of compensation I might be okay with it. Not trying to downplay this and again, I speak from a non-business perspective and this was a devastating situation for business and enterprise level customers. I’m sure those compensation packages involved and are involving a lot of customer care.

So, are you happy with what you got and would you be okay with seeing this movie again based on how it has ended?

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