Opinion (rant) articles incoming…

There are time when you say to yourself, enough is enough. Maybe it’s a question of spending too much time involved in a certain subject or hearing too much information. When you get to a certain point of frustration, a release of some sort is required. Hence, rant articles incoming.

If anything, hopefully some of these upcoming opinion pieces create some meaningful discussion. There is plenty of bandwidth waste out there with nonsensical comment sections and tweets. Let’s have discussion!

I’ve found certain trends in technology to defy logic. I’ve also been guilty of having my head in the sand on certain goings-on. I just think that consumers need truth and that is unfortunately becoming hard to find these days. I’m not arrogant enough to assume that I know everything and that I cannot be proven wrong, but I tend to choose logic when it comes to reading a situation. It has gotten crazy out there!

Truth can be risky as well. There are consequences for bringing up negatives or bringing light to certain subjects. Even though people might be supportive for hearing some truth, they cannot save a website from the wrath of corporations who have reputations to protect. Support is fine and dandy but shooting yourself in the foot isn’t ideal. I’m okay in knowing that subject will not be anti-anything, but rather they will be an honest look from a neutral perspective. Balance will not be easy however.

With all this in mind, it’s all about the consumer and helping people make the best and wisest decisions when it comes to spending money. Tech is expensive and as good as most of it is, consumers are sometimes not getting the most honest or neutral reviews. So hopefully I can provide some counter-balance to certain subjects that can help you in deciding what to buy and what to avoid. Unbiased is very hard to find when it comes to tech coverage and it should trouble you that as you become a bigger name with bigger reach, the level of bias grows to a baffling degree. Less sources of information but those same sources enjoy the most views and influence.

Please join the discussion as these articles get posted. Heated debate is healthy and I’m all for it. I certainly won’t be offended if you take issue with opinions I share and if you come at me hard in the comment section, then I have one word of advice. Duck! Joking on that, but a dust up in the comment section is completely fine and natural. I’m ready.

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