What’s new in Android update 4.3

Update: June 28, 2013

First official sighting of Android 4.3! It has been spotted running on the Google Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Two key pieces of information from a leaked screenshot show the Android version of 4.3 and the model number is GT-i9505G which is stock Google Galaxy S4 which is just out now. In another leaked screenshot, it shows this as Jelly Bean. So far, that’s the best information going. Perhaps July is when the cover will be taken off this Android update.

What we know so far (not official, but as close as we can get for now):

  • there is a Bluetooth Low Energy support in the new 4.3 Android. This could be geared (no pun intended for smart watches and similar close range devices)
  • an update to the Roboto font
  • added developer options
  • Google is interested in location services (not a surprise really) and now the wifi will remain on in the background. It’s not as easy to turn it off completely but apparently you can if you find the buried settings. I would imagine that this wifi will operate in the lowest possible level so to save battery life. If this is any sort of battery drain you will hear a LOT of complaints about it. I would suggest that this addition to 4.3 will be somewhat controversial.


Previous Updates:

The Google I/O conference on June 15, 2013 has seen the release or shall we say update to the ever expanding and popular Android operating system. Here is a list of what you can expect in the 4.3 Android update:

(just awaiting the rollout which sadly wasn’t at the June 2013 Google I/O conference)


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