XB1 and PS4 – Do you care about used games?

PlayStation_4_logo.svgThere is quite a controversy brewing regarding used video games and the Xbox One aka XB1 and the PS4. Before the XB1 official unveil, EA announced they were shutting down their Online Pass which essentially meant that once the game was purchased new and activated to play online, the game would require a new code to play it online if it was resold. For a moment it sounded encouraging for gamers. It does appear that any thought of the used game market catching a break in the next generation of consoles has taken a turn for the worse.

Microsoft appears to have a hot potato on their hand. Sony and their PS4 hasn’t seen an official unveil and that will happen at E3 in June. Because Microsoft unveiled the XB1, the questions of being able to used new games has come up. In fact it came up almost instantly. The gaming community has heard lots of rumors about plans by Micorsoft and Sony in limiting or simply not allowing used games to be used. There was a Tweet from Microsoft suggesting there were no additional fees associated with used games, but there hasn’t been a hard yes or no answer officially. Isn’t this enough of a hot button issue to warrant a press release or official statement?

It seems to me that Microsoft will release details or be more transparent about used games once Sony unveils their PS4. It does appear that they both will have a similar stance and it most likely will not be in favor of the consumer. Right now I can tell you that this used games issue is quickly becoming a PR nightmare for Microsoft. They really need Sony to address the same issue so that the discontent is more spread out. I think it’s unfair to speculate until we have a clear idea from both Sony and Microsoft. Based on what I’ve seen, if these companies try to pull a fast one or somehow limited our options when it comes to getting cheaper games, there could be some serious negative trending for these next generation consoles.


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