PC Mobile now has monthly plans! Full details and prices.

As you may or may not be aware, I have a prepaid plan on PC Mobile. I found for my situation, it would work the best even though I dislike their prepaid expiry dates on air time. Let’s not fuss about that situation because PC Mobile has just rolled out some brand new monthly plans! In general I’ve found President’s Choice to do things a bit cheaper and a bit better than most other companies in Canada. I hope this new monthly plan option keeps in line with what the PC brand stands for. Good deals! Let’s take a look and eventually get into a comparison to see how these plans stack up against the competition.

One cool thing is that you can earn double the PC points so long as you sign-up for pre-authorized payment with a PC Financial MasterCard or PC Financial World MasterCard. So in real terms, for 20,000 PC points, you get $20 in free groceries.

Deal Alert! You get a $100 PC gift card on any new activation on any 18 or 30 month term with PC Mobile. That deal is only for monthly plans and not the prepaid. The $100 PC gift card deal in on until July 2, 2013. If you miss this deal, then they will follow this with a $50 PC gift card which is available up until September 4, 2013.

What’s included in all the monthly plans?

  • nationwide minutes
  • data
  • unlimited international texting
  • call display
  • voice mail
  • unlimited Nationwide family calling
  • unlimited 6PM Nationwide evenings and weekends (pay $2/month extra fo 5pm evening calling option)
  • unlimited international picture and video messaging
  • call waiting
  • call forwarding
  • conference calling
  • $2 per paper bill (it’s a funny thing to say a $2 fee comes with a plan, but it’s true! Free e-bill of course)
  • and more (according the PC Mobile but let’s see what’s behind this door later)


How much to the PC Mobile monthly plans cost and what do you get?

Combo 35

  • Price – $35/month
  • Nationwide minutes – up to 400 (pay $5 extra per month to add 25 minutes)
  • Data – up to 200MB (pay $5 per 100MB if you need more)

Combo 50

  • Price – $50/month
  • Nationwide minutes – up to 1000 (pay $5 extra per month to add 25 minutes)
  • Data – up to 1GB (pay $5 per 500MB if you need more)

Combo 65

  • Price – $65/month
  • Nationwide minutes – unlimited
  • Data – up to 2GB (pay $5 per 500MB if you need more)


PC Mobile – Phones and Smartphones

You can choose to buy your phone outright if you so choose. Prices you pay to own your device outright include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – $625
  • BlackBerry Q10 – $625
  • Nexus 4 – $350
  • Samsung Galaxy S II X – $300
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace II X – $180
  • Nokia Lumia 520 (Windows Phone) – $180

If not bought outright, here are the going prices.

  • Nokia Lumia 520 (Windows Phone) – $0 (18 month term)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – $325 (30 month term)
  • Nexus 4 – $50 (30 month term)
  • Samsung Galaxy SII X – $0 (30 month term)
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace II X – $0 (18 month term)
  • BlackBerry Q10 – $325 (30 month term)
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2 Responses to PC Mobile now has monthly plans! Full details and prices.

  1. NS September 29, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

    I got their pre-paid SIM Card when it first came out a few years ago. I decided it’s good to have a back up phone since it won’t cost me an arm and a leg. BIG MISTAKE! BIG WASTE OF $$$!
    After a few months of using the $25 pre-paid, I decided to take the plunge and buy a $100 pre-paid card since it will be good for 365 days.

    Well, after a few months of BARELY using the phone (remember, it was only for back up), I checked my balance. It had gone down to $23. When I activated the $100 pre-paid card it was a total of about $170 that I had 365 days to use. …how it dropped to only $20 remaining was a mystery.

    I called customer service to complain and inquire as to what happened to my money (since I only used the phone 2 or 3 times, for about 2 or 3 mins each time. It was turned OFF 95% of the time.) and was told that they see charges from a 3rd party company for some service I subscribed to via a text message. Pardon?! I work in IT. I know very well of many scams perpetrated upon unsuspecting people via text messages. I have a steadfast rule to NEVER REPLY TO ANY TEXT MESSAGES FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES! Besides, no one had that number. I NEVER REPLIED TO ANY TEXTS.

    After protests, they re-imbursed a few dollars to my account but said that they could only go back 30 days, so could not tell me much more about what happened to my money. RIDICULOUS! Their customer service rep was RUDE, UNCARING, UNSYMPATHETIC, all of the above….Her Manager was even worse…I guess that’s why she was made a Manager; she’s better at being worse than her underling.

    Hoping that this was just a one time bad experience, I took a chance at the end of the 365 days and bought ANOTHER $100 pp card. HUGE MISTAKE!!!
    So, I now had about $135 to use within 365 days. This time, I never turned the phone on…checked after 3 months….my balance is only pennies! Not feeling to waste my time on the phone with useless twits, i just decided to let it go this time.


    PS: I will be writing emails to BBB, PC Mobile’s Office of the President/CEO, CRTC …

    It will be a complete waste of time, however, it will only take a few mins to do and I will feel better knowing that I did so.

    Good Luck shoppers!
    Spend your money wisely!

  2. earl champagne December 30, 2013 at 2:59 am #

    I am interested in a phone with a monthly plan of around $65.00do you have anything like that and if you do how much are your phones with that plan

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