Android Silver Phones in Canada – Every Detail You Need

Well it’s never a dull day in the land of Google and technology. There is always a “next big thing” and honestly,  that’s the part that makes this job kind of fun. We must talk about Android Silver because it’s going to be marketed to you in the near future and I’m happy to explain what you’re likely to see in the coming months. If you’re going to be shopping for a new mobile phone aka smartphone in late Fall 2014, then perhaps put those plans on hold. Read about this Android Silver program that Google is going to spearhead. It may be worth your wait.

First things first. There are no official details surrounding Android Silver. Google has said nothing about it, but as the internet goes, there are always some sort of leaks that happen and details exposed by “industry insiders” that are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. There are some pretty significant signals and even some apparent internal documents from Google that found there way to one particular website Android Police.

There is a lot to discuss and I will be explaining every last detail including:

  • what is Android Silver?
  • is this coming to Canada?
  • what will the price be of an Android phone?
  • will tablets be part of the Android Silver program?
  • why is a “Silver” branded Android phone better than all the rest

Lot’s coming, please stand. Details coming right up!

Update: Google recently gave their assurance that the Nexus brand isn’t going anywhere. Based on these new Nexus devices, it’s fair to say they meant it. As a result, there have been some rumors abound that Google is putting Android Silver on the shelf for now. Delayed might be a better word. With some changes in Google management, the focus and push for the high end Silver brand is not as it was before. We’re monitoring the situation and will post updates as things move along.

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