Deals and Coupons Apps for your Smartphone – Trends

If you’ve joined the smartphone trend, this story is for you. This is about saving money, time and effort. I’ve just noticed that McDonalds has launched a deals app that features the many coupons that you would typically get as “junk mail” in your mailbox. No cutting and no paper waste! Sure you might be giving up some personal information, but don’t we do that on a daily basis these days anyways?

Let me just tell you that during the most recent holiday shopping season, it was the first time that I’ve had my smartphone scanned by the sales person. On my smartphone was the UPC code for a 40% off deal at Michaels. I thought this was just fantastic! I could use it once a day, that particular coupon. Even better was the next coupons that Michaels rolled out which was 50% off one item! Restrictions apply, but I found something for an amazing 50% off that I actually wanted.

So I now see on the most recent McDonalds coupons, the paper ones, they are pushing/advertising their app which features the same deals, but comes with added convenience. Domino’s is another company that is really pushing hard with their mobile app although I’ve yet to get onboard with it.


The point is that a smartphone deals app can save you good money and comes with little hassle. Sometimes you don’t get the coupons in the mail. Sometimes you forget or lose the coupon once you’ve cut it out. I see a time very soon where we will be flashing our smartphones to enjoy discounts and deals. In the example of Michael’s, it was actually a staff member who told me to download the app and I would save 40% on the item I was inquiring about. Install the app and I save 40%? What’s the catch? I have no idea, but I didn’t notice any heavy lifting while downloading and using the app, if you know what I mean.


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