Kindle Oasis Details – Amazon’s Newest eReader

Leaks happen. There are big leaks and there are small leaks. The Kindle Oasis leak? Huge describes this leak. First, let’s get to the images. Check out the gallery below before we get into the Kindle Oasis specs.



Kindle Oasis Specs (unofficial):

  • 300 ppi resolution
  • 131g weight
  • Rechargeable case
  • Touchscreen
  • Page button
  • Gravity sensor
  • 3.4mm and 8.5mm thin
  • Built-in turn page buttons
  • Screen automatically rotates 180 degrees so buttons will be on either the left of right side

Kindle Oasis Cover:

Here is where things get interesting. Certainly this is a rechargeable case. So think of this as a battery cover. It’s going to be exciting to see just how many days the Kindle Oasis can last but it’s going to be incredible for sure. We hear now that the Oasis Cover will provide battery life of several months!




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