Buy Antivirus software during Boxing Day/Week. Here’s why.

I will make a strong recommendation regarding buying and shopping for antivirus and PC protection software. Buy it during Boxing Day slash Boxing Week sales.

If you are with a Norton product such as Norton 360 but still have many months left in your subscription, buy a new copy for around $30 anyways. You can contact Norton and they can do one of two things. They can add your newly purchases subscription to your current installation OR you can install the new version and Norton can add your existing subscription time remaining to the new copy. To keep things smooth, you will keep using your existing product key even with a newer 2013 purchase. This means that come Boxing Day 2013, most likely you will see the exact same deals on your beloved Antivirus software. I can only speak about Norton 360 but I’m sure if you use the other software packages they will do the same. To be safe, ask first before buying a new copy.

If you are somebody who goes with the free antivirus and PC protection software solutions, perhaps it’s time to rethink. The top brand antivirus companies sell their products for as low as $15 during the Boxing Week deals in Canada. If you look at that price over a year, that’s a very wise investment. I think free is a good solution for some but virus protection and identity protection is becoming more crucial these days on the internet. A non free version will likely be more efficient and will run much faster on your PC than free solutions. More than anything, having a company like Norton or Kaspersky providing security to your PC gives you a sense of protection that’s hard to beat. It’s insurance against bad things happening. Each year threats are getting more dynamic and those companies that dedicate themselves to protection are the best choice.

One note about choosing Norton 360 which I am most familiar with. Aside from overall protection for 3 PCs, the basic version provides 2GB online backup. Don’t scoff at 2GB! Don’t use it for photos and videos. If you have important documents and files, this Norton online backup feature is a dream. When your PC is idle, it finds the files with changes and backs them up. You can choose what to backup simply by right clicking and selecting “Norton 360” which then gives you the option of adding to online backup. Pick and choose easily which documents you want safe and sound. The basic Norton 360 gives 2GB but for $40 during Boxing Week, you could get a Norton 360 Enterprise Edition which provides 20GB online backup. So for about $10 more you can get 8GB more backup if you’re shopping during this Boxing Week madness. London Drugs had the Enterprise Edition for $39 and Future Shop/Best Buy had the regular Norton 360 (15 months!) for $29.

If you didn’t get the deals this 2012 Boxing Day/Week, keep it in mind for next year. If you haven’t used a paid option for security, you will be amazed at the peace of mind that it will provide. As we put more of our lives onto computers, the more we need to protect it.

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