Your privacy online. Does it worry you?

As we spend more and more time on the internet, we become valuable targets for advertising. Our habits and interests can easily be tracked and that allows for targeted ads which are shifting based on what you do online and what websites you visit. You may have even noticed the Google gmail ads which change depending on the keywords found in your messages.

The question starts to become whether this is just the cost of doing business online. You can use Facebook, Twitter and Google to your hearts content, but does that mean you give open season on your privacy?

As we move into 2013 I wonder if privacy is a dying concern. The youth of today are more and more based on the web socially. I think fewer and fewer people are worrying about what information they are putting online. I’m sure a lot of people are willing to give up some privacy if that meant they can enjoy something great for free. In other words, give up some privacy for usage.

Do you worry about online tracking and privacy? Do you know about cookies? Do you even care?

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