One rumor claims the Galaxy S8’s battery to be rated at 3,250mAh

Samsung has been slowly increasing the battery capacity of its flagship phones. Starting off with an abysmal 2,550mAh battery on the Galaxy S6, and bumping it up all the way to 3,000mAh on the Galaxy S7, it looks we should expect an improvement from the upcoming Galaxy S8, according to one rumor. According to Sammobile, the Galaxy S8 is going to feature a 3,250mAh battery when it officially gets announced during the month of March, marking an improvement of 250mAh in battery capacity when compared to its predecessor.

However, the Galaxy S8 Plus, which is rumored to be the name of the larger flagship phone, could most likely carry a 3,750mAh battery inside its housing. The advantage of owning a larger smartphone doesn’t necessarily mean that you get to enjoy more on your screen, but it also means that the manufacturer has ample room to play around and experiment, and a majority of those experiments end with the phone featuring a larger battery.

In addition, because both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are expected to running a Snapdragon 835 (or an Exynos 8895), it will result in greater efficiency thanks to the chipset being manufactured on the 10nm FinFET technology. This and several other components will translate into the Galaxy S8 being able to deliver much better battery life compared to any other flagship announced by Samsung, which goes to show you how smartphone hardware plays a pivotal role when it comes to performance, efficiency and extended battery life.

Another addition that we should expect from the Galaxy S8 is its own dedicated virtual assistant, which rumors claims is codenamed Bixby. We’ll fill you in on all the details, once the flagship gets announced on March 29. It’s also been rumored that a pair of high-quality wireless headphones are going to be announced by Samsung at the aforementioned date.

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