Zenfone 9 in Canada – Full Details

00ASUS has just announced the new Zenfone 9 with great fanfare. The Zenfone 8 release last year was rather limited but this year is a different story. The Zenfone 9 is coming to Canada and we have all the details.

We know the US price is $600 USD for the 8G/128G model. We need to delve further into ASUS Canada pricing before calling out a price prediction.

Reviews are most attracted to the smallish form factor. The Zenfone 9 has a biggery battery than the Zenfone 8. The fingerprint sensor is side mounted and offers scrolling functionality among other possibilities. It comes with… A headphone jack. Don’t expect all colors to be available. Black will be guaranteed and the second color option is still up in the air.

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