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Samsung has made its Notebook 9 notebooks even faster than before

With processors and storage getting faster thanks to increased research and engineering, Samsung has managed to update its Notebook 9 lineup, which comprises up of Windows 10 laptops in the 13.3-inch and 15-inch screen sizes. The first upgrade added to these powerful machines is that they come with Intel’s seventh generation of processors, which have […]

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Huawei Honor Magic is the curviest and smartest phone you’ll ever come across

With the entrance of newer technologies and research, manufacturers have been able to take big gambles like the Honor Magic and the smartphone might look unusual compared to the rest of the competitors, but it looks something that actually came from the future. Not only is it big on hardware specifications, but Huawei has managed to […]

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MacBook Pro 2016 battery life issues are all gone thanks to the latest software update

Apple significantly reduced the thickness of its latest MacBook Pro line of notebooks and with that change, comes the sacrifice of reduced battery life. As a result, users were angry at the fact that not only did the latest notebooks cut out the ports side of the machine, but the battery life as well. Critics […]

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