Samsung has made its Notebook 9 notebooks even faster than before

With processors and storage getting faster thanks to increased research and engineering, Samsung has managed to update its Notebook 9 lineup, which comprises up of Windows 10 laptops in the 13.3-inch and 15-inch screen sizes. The first upgrade added to these powerful machines is that they come with Intel’s seventh generation of processors, which have been codenamed Kaby Lake. Kaby Lake might be the same 14nm processors as the Skylake family, but the improved CPU design means slightly better efficiency and performance will be exhibited by the latest machines.

Another huge upgrade added in the 13.3 and 15-inch notebooks is a PCIe SSD storage. PCIe solid state drives are able to deliver very high read and write speeds; much higher than those connected to the SATA interface, thus making your notebook extremely responsive and fast. The combination of these upgrades will definitely make the Notebook 9 lineup a worthy purchase if you’re looking for great speeds from a laptop. Another thing that customers look for is battery life and according to Samsung, both of these notebooks are rated to provide up to 7 hours of battery life.

These machines will receive their juice from a USB-C connector and they also provide support for the company’s Adaptive Fast Charging. This means that after you plug in your notebook for a mere 20 minutes, it will grant you a total of 2.1 hours’ worth of battery life, which should be enough should you want to tackle some last-minute work-related task or something equivalent. Both of these notebooks have a resolution measuring at 1920 x 1080, which is ideal considering a notebook of this size, and the model that is upgradeable to an i7 processor can also have its RAM upgraded to 16GB.

The price of these notebooks have unfortunately been kept in the dark by Samsung, but let us see if the company makes an announcement at the CES 2017 show with retail prices as well.

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