Nexus 10 Canada – 2014 – Release date, Where To Buy, Full Details

When you look at most tech products these days, especially tablets and smartphones, they seem to renew themselves on a yearly basis. If you buy something this year, by next year you will using an outdated device. How clever is that? If you feel insecure about a year old device then they are winning the game. Oddly enough, the Nexus 10 from Google sort of broke the mold as it were. The 10-inch flagship Android tablet from Google was unveiled in 2012 and went on sale in late 2012. Needless to say, 2013 didn’t see a new Nexus 10 release.

It’s clear that the robust resolution and specs on the original Nexus 10 were somewhat ahead of its time. Battery life suffered as a result of that 2560 x 1600 resolution. It’s a nice tablet to be sure and the fact that after a year it didn’t see a refresh says that it was in fact a darn stellar device. If you want to buy the original Nexus 10 in Canada, the Google Play store is selling the 16GB model for $399 and the 32GB model for $499. Even being as dated as it is, that’s still a fairly chunky price but still cheaper than the new iPad Air tablets. However the iPad Air tablets are new releases.

The reason it’s time to discuss a 2014 Nexus 10 for Canada is because of the Google I/O in San Francisco is at the end of June. In general, Google loves this conference to show off new devices. Since there was no 2013 Nexus 10, it simply makes sense to see a new one at this years I/O conference. It’s still a bit too far out to suggest a release date or specs. That said, by the time we get into May, we should start to see some nice leaks. In the past, Nexus devices have seem some very very detailed leaks. We hope the 2014 Nexus 10 is no different. Please understand that it’s pure speculation on my part that there will be a new model this year. I’m also hearing rumblings of a possible Nexus 6 and Nexus 8. That’s a bit puzzling, but it’s still possible that more than one new device could be unveiled.

Samsung partnered with Google on the original Nexus 10, but LG has taken on the Nexus 5 smartphone and it is expected that LG will also work with Google for the Nexus tablets.

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