Asus Transformer TF701T – Huge Photo Gallery!

One of the much hyped tablets will certainly be the upcoming refresh of the original Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. Now with a slightly reduced name, it’s called the New Transformer Pad TF701T. The “Infinity” branding is gone and it appears the lower end Transformer models will not come along for the ride in the future. If you want a Transformer from Asus, this is it! Here is a full-on photo gallery of the TF701T. All these images can be enlarged so click on the ones you like to see it in its full glory. If you want our full details page with pre order options, specs, and details, visit our page here.

asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-19 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-18 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-16 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-13 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-12 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-11 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-07 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-08 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-06 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-03 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-02asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-23 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-15 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-14 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-10 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-01asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-22 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-09asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-21 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-17 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-04 asus-transformer-pad-tf701t-05

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