Xbox One Needs A Nickname And XBO Is It

Why the Xbox One Needs A Nickname

xboThe Xbox One has struggled out of the gates in comparison to the PlayStation 4. In most categories, people give the PS4 the advantage. So what’s in a name you ask? Of course this discussion isn’t of critical importance. Can we go on a live fulfilling lives if the Xbox One doesn’t gain a true nickname? Of course, but it’s still something to think about. A nickname is a status symbol. To gain a nickname means a higher level of brand and authority. If you have a nickname, it means people adore you.

Playstation 4 has PS4. It’s natural and it fit. Xbox One has yet to achieve an official nickname status. With this nickname discussion, I’m not suggesting the Xbox One struggles have much to do with the chosen name. But one thing is clear. Many nickname variations have been kicked around for over a year. Nothing has really stuck though. It appears gamers are wanting to make a nickname for the console. I’m here to help push this discussion along.

So for me, this raises a question to the gamers out there. What’s the best way to abbreviate Xbox One?

Why is a nickname important? When writing Xbox One stories, my preference is to have a consistent, “go to” nickname. Using Xbox One is okay, but it’s not likely to be on the minds of games as much as something like XBO or XB1. Afterall, the PlayStation 3 is not anywhere near as popular as using PS3. As a writer, these things matter to me. In general, a short nickname for a console is how things work.

On the flip side you might suggest that the Xbox brand doesn’t need to follow the PlayStation with a nickname. Xbox 360 has always been the Xbox 360. That said, you couldn’t actually shorten Xbox 360, unless to make it XB360 which doesn’t have much of a ring to it. However Xbox Live is abbreviate to simply XBL.

Initially, XBone was pretty darn popular. So much so that Microsoft ended up buying the domain off somebody who registered it before them. Microsoft apparently aren’t fond of nicknames because it somehow short changes or cheapens the console. They were disappointed that people might start calling the Xbox One the Xbone. Odd isn’t it?

XBO is the Nickname Winner

XBO is actually the best nickname at this point. It beats out XB1 because in the official name, Xbox One, there is no “1”. In this instance, XBO is actually more accurate of the official full name. Let’s not underestimate the ease of typing the letter O vs typing the number 1. This is a relevant issue especially given the number of mobile devices being used. Having to switch to the number pad on your smartphone is an inconvenience that most of us would rather not bother with. Using the “O” solves that touch typing keyboard hassle.

Can XBO be future proofed?

Future proofing a nickname is something to consider, but we shouldn’t worry about that. It’s impossible to guess what Microsoft is going to do with their next generation console. With Sony, it’s very much set in terms of the numbering system and their nicknaming scheme. The Xbox? Not so much clear. Could the next Xbox be the Xbox Two? Perhaps. In that case, XBT would frazzle the minds of the scholars out there. When we get to Xbox Three, we know what happens. There is confusion. There in controversy. There is a real head scratcher in that. The Xbox Two (XBT) would be the same of the Xbox Three (XBT). But let’s forget about what “might” happen with the next Xbox, and just concentrate on nicknaming the current console.


In one collective voice, repeat after me…. XBO…. XBO…. you’re the one for me XBO!


6 Responses to Xbox One Needs A Nickname And XBO Is It

  1. Kain February 26, 2015 at 6:58 am #

    Nope, it’s X1. It’s the absolute shortest abbreviations and it easily roles off the tong. Pronounced “Ex One”, but typed X1.

    It should be X1 for two reasons:

    1. People like to call the original Xbox, Xbox 1. That’s fine, because the the new one is just X1.

    2. X1 sounds cooler than XBO and is shorter to say.

    One thing is for sure. Sony fanboy should not be allowed to steer the boat and keep calling it Xbone. It doesn’t make sens as an abbreviation. They only do it as an insult. Xbox fans need to start calling Sony fanboys out for insulting the X1 every time they type Xbone.

    • Paradiger February 26, 2015 at 10:25 am #

      agreed, X1 it is

  2. andy February 26, 2015 at 1:23 pm #

    Yet I have been calling it Xbone since June 2013 and haven’t been called out yet on it. XBO, hmm sounds an awful lot like Xbone when you just add the ne at the end of it ^_^
    It IS the best name because it is also the phrase given to anybody that bought the console back in November 2013, you got Xboned. 🙂

    Oh and lets not forget the look on EVERYONES face world wide when they announced that the new Xbox would be called Xbox One. That is the biggest problem. They should have done a 180 on the name alone (look at the amount of words that end with one 🙂 ). WHAT WERE THEY THINKING with that stupid name? Its almost as bad as Wii U that has done nothing but slow sales of that console since launch too. Xbone is here to stay for the simple fact that they went with that ridiculous name to begin with.

  3. John Nemesh February 26, 2015 at 3:28 pm #

    Sorry, but its “Xbone”, no matter how badly the Xboners want to change it.

  4. Orly February 26, 2015 at 3:59 pm #

    Use your limited brain cells writing better more pertinent information. Unless you’re catering to 10 yr olds, if so, keep it up as you’re definitely hitting that demographic.

    Its xbone btw

  5. Asadachi February 26, 2015 at 5:51 pm #

    Stands for Extreme Bad Odor. Best stick with xbone.

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