Cinderella 2015 Review

cinderella-2015-reviewIn what appears to be a trend, classic Disney movies are making a comeback, but this time in the flesh. Last year it was Maleficent, the story of Sleeping Beauty, and now in 2015, we have Cinderella. What’s interesting about these stories being transformed from animation to real life is in the tactful use of computer generated imagery.

It’s magical. It’s a love story, make no mistake about it. It’s the familiar story, with some new twists to make it interesting. There are subtle additions and surprises that make Cinderella 2015 more than just a carbon copy of the original.

I found the acting brilliant and compelling. The scenery and setting is fairly tale like. The use of computer generated elements within the movie allow it to seem real, but at the same time it allows the movie to stay true to the original story. It’s masterfully done. More than anything it’s the advancement of technology that has allowed Disney to create these classic masterpieces with real actors and somewhat real settings. Obviously computer generated imagery (CGI) has advanced to the point that it’s seamless and lifelike. Cinderella 2015 is not overdone in terms of CGI but with aspects of the story, obviously there is no way the story can be told without utilizing modern day technology. The actors and their performances are what really make this movie.

Is this movie ideal for children, adults or both? I will say this isn’t a movie that’s going to occupy the younger children out there because of its lack of action sequences. I think at minimum, seven or eight year old children will stay interested, but younger than that, you’re taking your chances. This isn’t animation with non stop action that most kids are used to nowadays.

I recommend Cinderella 2015 for those looking for a classic love story.


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