Rockstar Judas game. Is it really Agent in disguise?

rockstar-logo-whiteIn this past week, the greatest of all game developers, Rockstar, (their parent company Take-Two filed the trademark) has taken an interest in the name “Judas”. No other information has made it online as you might expect. Rockstar as the masters and keeping secrets a secret. Quite a talent indeed these days.

We’ve written about Rockstar and Agent in the past and are convinced that the game is still alive. What we want to look at is where things are at right now for Rockstar.

First, Take-Two CEO has stated that they will be at E3 2016 “in a big way” this year. That is pretty clear indication that a big game announcement is coming. Next is the fact that Rockstar has stated their desire to introduce a new IP. Follow that up with the fact that Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online has certain run its course. Rockstar aren’t going to decline GTA of sales because of pressure to announce a new game. However, it’s certainly at a point now where they can relax and announce a new game. Right?

So we’re talking about this Judas game being Agent. Or should we say the game formally known as Agent. This is only a hunch on our part of course.

The fact is Agent has a lot of baggage associated with it. Most gamers associate Agent with a PlayStation 3 exclusive. There is a significant footprint online already for Agent. If Rockstar goes with a name of Agent for their new game, it will come will baggage. Further, Agent is not exactly a unique name for their next big series or franchise. It doesn’t exactly stand out or have the special uniqueness to it. In fact you can find many video games using Agent in their name already.

So Judas game? We know the Agent story is based in the late 70’s during the Cold War. We know it’s about spies, espionage, assassinations, counter-intelligence and the sort. Betrayal of ones country? Deceiving people? A lot of what Agent is about could very easily fall under the definition of Judas. Betrayal is another word for Judas. We think that you can draw parallels between the setting of Agent and the definition of the word Judas.

So more than anything, we’re looking at the story, setting and plot of Agent. There was not a lot of details released about Agent, but certainly you got a gist of it. If you are a secret agent or are involved with espionage, deceit is an aspect of that occupation. Giving away secrets from your government to another country is betrayal. With this this make a lot of sense and we put value in the thought of having a fresh start with a fresh brand with Judas, rather than having to talk about Agent. Sure there was a reference Easter Egg in GTA 5 and the Agent license plate, but that would have likely been placed there prior to Judas being in consideration as a changed name.


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