Future Trends: Nintendo Switch proves mobile gaming demand exists

The outrageous success of the Nintendo Switch launch has proven one thing. There is a viable mobile gaming market and Nintendo has proven it. Get ready for a big trend and everyone will need to thank Nintendo for starting this.

Apple showed everyone that the tablet market exists. They came first and everyone followed. Nintendo has always has a mobile gaming option, but it has been nothing like the Nintendo Switch. Afterall, this is being dubbed a “console” that can double as a mobile gaming device. It’s not toy like with other offerings. It’s not compromising on the hardware or games. The Nintendo Switch is a legit mobile gaming device and apparently the public wants it.

The concept is nothing new. In fact the Nintendo Wii U has a tablet like device for its main controller which is not that far off from what the Nintendo Switch is. We’ve seen the gaming tablet Nvidia Shield. We’ve seen the game pad docks for Android and iPad tablets before. These things have existed in the market. However even with tablets, they did exists but it was Apple that proved the market did exists and the sales proved it. Thing exist on the market but it doesn’t mean the mainstream market will pick up on it and make it the next big craze.

So it’s a curious situation. It’s all about the games folks! This is where Nintendo has everyone beat. The Nintendo Switch is not a compromise in terms of the games. Android games are fluff as a comparison. Sure you can get a gamepad dock for your Android tablet but so what? What games do you really care about and what games are even close to being console worthy?

So the Nintendo Switch is going to usher in a new era. It’s a game changer. Like the iPad, it’s going to take the competition a bit of time to catch up. The PlayStation has the Vita, but again, it’s about compromise whereas the Nintendo Switch shows that compromise is no longer required. The industry needs to have confidence that investing in games that can play on console and mobile device equally, is a legitimate idea.

So expect Microsoft to do a rethink here. PlayStation is close already but they can fine tune what they think and offer in terms of mobile solutions. If anything, smartphones that are big, in the 6.2-inch (Samsung 8 Plus) or the 6.9-inch (Zenfone 3 Ultra) prove that a big phone works, and that a new reality is with its gaming potential. A device of similar size to a Nintendo Switch with phone capabilities means one device rather than having to bring two. The door is open, but who will walk through it?

Games. It’s about the games. If Android or iOS can get it together, something will likely happen. Sony, along with Microsoft and their Xbox brand has the most interesting potential here. Interesting times ahead. Half baked mobile games will no longer cut it and we can all thank Nintendo for that.

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