A $2 Nintendo Switch stand that’s perfect for play and charge.

You have your Nintendo Switch if you’re one of the lucky ones. Now you might be faced with the dreaded hunt for accessories.

One aspect of the Nintendo Switch is the location of the charge port. It is inconvenient as you may have found. Sure the Nintendo Switch has a stand (sort of) but it’s not adjustable and what happens to the stand usability when you inevitably need to charge the Switch? That built in stand suddenly is not a solution at all.

There is a $2 stand from the Dollarama stores that is a brilliant and highly effective solution for your Nintendo Switch. This cheap stand allows you to charge via USB while using the Nintendo Switch.

With the 3 different parts to this stand, you can allow for a terrific viewing angle while allowing plenty of clearance for USB-C charging. It’s the charging aspect of the stand that offers the real value.

You can use the Dollarama store finder here, but Canada only folks. Check the section of the store that has the phone chargers and cases to find it.

Yes this stand is designed for a tablet, but you can clearly see that by accident, it’s perfect for the Nintendo Switch.

The stand has a simple hinge mechanism so you simply need to twist to tighten and twist to loosen. From there, you can find the sweet spot for your viewing angle and for the most stable balance point.

When it comes to using this stand while charging your Nintendo Switch, you will need to tweak the stand arms. The two arms that don’t hold your Switch, those will be the two used as the feet. This way you can use the holder arm at an angle that will allow for charging space. See the photos below for a better understanding. It’s rather simple!

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[credit: CallMe_Dig_Baddy from Reddit]



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