Best USB Flash Drive Deal – Lexar JumpDrive USB Drive Review

best-usb-flash-drive-lexar-jumpdrive-s50When it comes to reviewing a USB flash drive, there isn’t a great deal of features to review. Obviously speed is an important factor, along with reliability. Failure rates of USB flash drives is something to consider, but I don’t imagine it’s that measurable. If you have a solid brand name making the flash drive, I think it’s going to be just fine. You may see customer reviews from time to time mentioning data loss, but Lexar is a known and trusted brand. No storage device is 100% safe or fail proof.

So why would I suggest or recommend a Lexar USB flash drive? Really for me it came down to price. A recognized storage brand and cheap price had me buying what I could. In this instance, the best deals on these drives was on Amazon.

Speed wise, you can do better than what these Lexar flash drives can do. They aren’t USB 3.0 and because of that, the price point is low. I would ask myself how valuable my time is and whether a USB 3.0 flash drive of this size is really that critical to my needs. These aren’t slow to the point where you’re going to waste your life away by waiting to fill up a 64GB, 32GB or 16GB drive. We aren’t talking about moving massive amounts of data.

32gb-lexar-usb-flash-drive-reviewDesign wise, there is a plastic slider cover which is adequate, but obviously having a cap is a nice solution when it comes to a USB flash drive which might pick up dirt from your pocket or where you might be throwing this drive for travel. I will say the Lexar USB drives are compact and the color is refreshingly not black. Don’t these colors just make you happy?

As previously mentioned, you can get a Lexar USB flash drive at a cheap price. It’s that price point that makes these a great choice. I say it was the best choice from what I saw during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Week sales. Wait for the sales, then scoop some up. It’s never a bad idea to backup extra special files, videos or photos. These are great for safe keeping regardless if you have items backed up elsewhere. You can never be too safe when it comes to having backups of important data.

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