Best Mouse – Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Review

As I’ve written recently, a keyboard should be something you don’t go cheap on. A close second on important accessories for a PC would be the classic mouse. In the world of touchscreens, does a mouse still have a place? Absolutely it does!

Over the past year, I’ve used a fair number of different mice. I think like some purchases, it’s hard to really describe in print, how nice a mouse feels or works. You basically need to put it in your hand to really know if it’s for you. I just ask that you trust me on this one.

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is a real mouthful to say or write. Bad branding! However, what I don’t like is that people might see “mobile mouse” and discount this as a desktop mouse. That would be a big mistake and I’m here to tell you one thing. This is the best desktop mouse that I’ve used. Forget about the mobile aspect of it. I’m sure it’s mobile because it’s wireless and it has a USB dongle, but it’s just a darn comfortable and good mouse.

It’s not undersized, it’s not oversized. To me it’s just right. I’ve used a smaller mouse over the past year and for me, with average hand size, I don’t like overbearing a mouse with my grip. There is no draping of fingers over the Mouse 4000. It seems to strike a perfect balance.

Not too big and not too small is the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Not too big and not too small is the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

It has a USB dongle which might shock those who think Bluetooth is the only way to go. I also have a Bluetooth Microsoft Mouse and I’ve had fits with connections. It’s wireless so do I care whether that is USB or Bluetooth? I suppose this might be an issue if for some reason you’re very sparse with open USB ports. The actual USB dongle fits in a slot on the underside of the mouse, which I guess is what makes this a “mobile mouse”. It’s a handy feature should you want to throw it into your laptop bag for example.

Observe the USB dongle and the compartment on the underside of the mouse

Observe the USB dongle and the compartment on the underside of the mouse

If you look at the sides of the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000, you will see a designed pattern. This actually offers a tacky grip. It’s not a sticky feeling, but it’s more grippy that say the top surface of the mouse. It’s my first experience with this type of material on a mouse and it’s a real winner.

See that checkered pattern? That's a grippy material that's fantastic. There is the side button that I rave about.

See that checkered pattern? That’s a grippy material that’s fantastic. There is the side button that I rave about.

I’m typically used to a scroller that has a response click as you scroll. The Mobile Mouse 4000 is smooth, with no resistance. I wasn’t expecting to like this, and I’m netural on whether it’s better or not. Perhaps it saves your finger from stress? Just don’t be afraid of a smooth scroll if you’re coming from a more typical resistant type scroll.

Still on the theme of the scroll wheel, the Mobile Mouse 4000 has a left and right scroll. This is something I wasn’t expecting to like, but it’s very easy to use. I don’t find myself scrolling left or right and accidentally hitting the scroll button. It’s stiff to activate, which it really needs to be. With Windows 8 and Windows 10, being able to left or right scroll is a terrific value added to this mouse. Most of us use high resolution displays that left and right scrolling is typically not required when browsing the internet. Within Windows though and Excel, the left/right scroll is very handy to have.

Here is another unexpected and terrific feature of this mouse. You know the typical mouse “click”? Pressing the left or right mouse button always or most mice send off an audible click. For anyone looking for quiet time while you’re using your computer nearby, they will appreciate the the mouse buttons are barely audible. Certainly this isn’t what I was expecting because I didn’t think such a mouse existed!

There is a side button which I’ve set to be a “back” button. For years and years and years I’ve relied on a scroll wheel button as my “go to” back button. In the case of the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000, the left button is actually far superior. You won’t realize what I’m talking about until you try it. It’s call resistance. Although I don’t find a left mounted button overly ideal, I can say that the resistance is far less and makes it a far more enjoyable button to use. Using the scroll wheel button now seems clunky and requires too much effort for my poor fingers. When I use a different computer and mouse, trust me I miss my Microsoft 4000 mouse and the left button. You can designate the left button to whatever you want, but I highly recommend you use it as a “back” button. You will find on this mouse, the wheel button is very stiff in comparison. The left button is also very quiet.

I’m not sure there is anything negative to point out. I can criticize the branding or naming of this mouse because I think it scares off people from buying it. It’s not exactly a “gaming” mouse, but it does use the “Blue Track Technology” which means it scrolls on pretty much anything. Microsoft says that this technology, “combines the power of optical with the precision of laser for remarkable tracking on virtually any surface.”

If you need a mouse, don’t hesitate. This is a great choice. If you’re a heavy duty PC gamer, sure you might look elsewhere. If you lack a free USB port, then consider options to get a spare port. This mouse is worth it.

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