The Jungle Book (2016) Movie Review

jungle-book-2016-movie-reviewGetting right to the point, I can honestly say that The Jungle Book is average at best. Not that funny, not that action packed, not that interesting. The Jungle Book falls a bit short because the story itself lacks magic and this new version of the movie can’t overcome that fact.

CGI technology has allowed Disney to rerelease some of their classics in a non animation format such as Malificent (Sleeping Beauty) and Cinderella. Both those movie releases were excellent and recommended but in no way do I put The Jungle Book on the same level as those two films.

It’s a safe and friendly movie for your kids, although it’s rated PG with some possible scary moments for really young kids. I get the fact that there often times aren’t a lot of family friendly movies to choose from and you go see what’s available. In our case, The Jungle Book was the only family friendly movie that was showing and it was at a convenient theatre.

In the case of The Jungle Book, just have low expectations and you should be reasonably content. I will say that if you can see a reduced price matinee or cheap Tuesday viewing, it is advisable. I was not too happy with the fact that we had to pay the $3 additional charge for the 3D viewing because there was no reasonable non 3D times available. This is the kind of movie that is not worth paying any sort of extra premium for and the 3D selling point doesn’t do anything to make the movie funnier, more interesting or more action packed. Avoid 3D because paying extra for this movie is just no a wise use of money.

At the core, The Jungle Book has a pleasant message and storyline around friends and family. The story itself is certainly not one of the better ones from Disney but kids will find it interesting and cute with the many animals in the story. The movie is not overly long, however during certain sections I noticed my kids getting a bit restless in their seats. This is something I rarely if ever see them doing. My kids confirmed with me afterwards that they thought the movie lacked a bit of action at times.

If there is nothing better to see at the movies, then choose The Jungle Book. But choose it because it’s a safe family friendly movie and not because you’re hoping for something magical and memorable. I don’t recommend spending the 3D premium price because it’s not going to make the movie any better. With the average or below average entertainment value, I also encourage you to see The Jungle Book during discount pricing times like matinee showings also.

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